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    Nuclear waste disposal equipment design and manufacture specialized company

  • Company profile

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    • If you want to handle nuclear waste,You need a professional competent partner。Wisdom of science and technology can help you with the development of equipment、Design and manufacturing。

    • Our advantage:With technology development and product design capabilities,Can be specialized for the customer personalized non-standard product design and deep technical services。Company has participated in the national major technical equipment technology research of professional designers,Ten years accumulated a wealth of experience,Many engineering problems products and technical issues,Here are solved。Wisdom of science and technology developed in the first place in the domestic industrial wireless remote control device,The laser positioning system、Nc crane、Dynamic mechanical and other technology products,And has been more than for the nuclear industry research institute And radioactive waste treatment project to provide technical services and products。

    • Wisdom of science and technology is committed to radioactive waste processing production line equipment is developed,The national institute provides concrete curing production line、Decreasing capacity of the production line、Water curing lineplcAutomatic control system,The technical transformation of tao barrels work box,Technical renovation of the shielding transshipment containers mechanism,Lifting permanent magnet spreader solidified waste barrels of electrical impulses,Curing line take block device and so on。To provide more radioactive waste treatment project from the technical development、Design、Equipment manufacturing、The full range of system integration and installation and debugging services,Has provided:Curing linePLCAutomatic control system、Compression linePLCAutomatic control system、Video monitoring system、Measurement and control system,Shielding transshipment containers、Block dynamic manipulator、Compression capacity reduction device、Curing and compression line process control system software、Automation instrument supplier、DCSThe control system、The temporary library10tNc crane、Radioactive workshop10/3tDouble beam crane and remote control200KNCompression capacity reduction work box and other process equipment。At present,Think tankDaSeccoThe skill研制的放射性三废处理方面新产品There is:Block dynamic manipulator、Shielding transshipment containers、10tReloading the smart car、Curing hot chamber mixer,Radioactive waste storage facility、Radioactive stores nc crane 、 Special fixture、Magnetic control sling equipment 。

  • The development course

    • 1993 Deyang da electronics co., LTD. Was set up

    • 1994 Successfully developed a crane wireless remote control device

    • 1995?Provide nuclear waste processing production line technology and service

    • 1998?Successful development pulse magnet spreader

    • 2000?Successfully developed nuclear grade crane laser positioning device

    • 2001?The company changed its name to deyang wisdom of science and technology development co., LTD

    • 2002?Production test base in deyang anise industrial zone

    • 2003?Complete the Qingdao nuclear waste treatment engineering of non-standard equipment development、Design

    • 2005?Qingdao nuclear waste treatment project completion acceptance

    • 2006?Completion of hainan nuclear waste disposal engineering automation instrument and control system design

    • 2007?Successfully developed radioactive temporary library nc crane

    • 2009?Radioactive temporary library nc crane through completion inspection and acceptance

    • 2aa000?Hainan nuclear waste disposal project completion acceptance

  • Contact us

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    The mailbox:zhida戴氏艺考文化课冲刺机构1111599600000
    The company address:Sichuan deyang city star industrial park Deyang wisdom of science and technology development co., LTD
    The zip code:618003

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