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The company business scope:Test bench,The custom of the fume hood,Purification engineering lab,Laboratory standardization construction ,We are taiyuan aseptic processing chamber(Maintenance and repair)The company。The company's philosophy:Adhering to the“Live with the customer、A total of development”Philosophy to provide clients with the whole、A full range of services。 The company's commitment:Provide free business consultation all the year round。Price concessions、CRD、Exactly on time。The company service tenet:For many years to win the majority of customers in the development of universal praise and trust, We always believe that consultation service is service,We cherish the human capital、Knowledge、Skills and creativity,We believe that our team has always been...

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  • Baotou
    Mr. Chen
    Food workshop sterile room construction
  • Taiyuan
    M. leblanc
    PCRSterile room construction
  • It is mined here
    Mr Zhu
    P2Sterile room design
  • Linfen
    Miss zhou
    Sterile room construction in shanxi
  • Quality
    Sterile room decoration which is good
  • Linfen
    M. leblanc
    Taiyuan sterile room planning
  • In gansu province
    Miss wu
    Food workshop sterile room construction
  • Yangquan
    Miss liu
    Microbial sterile room design
  • Xinjiang
    Miss wang
    Microbial sterile room construction
  • Shanxi
    Ms. Sun
    P2Sterile room design
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